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Primary 5 Level

Level Motto : Strive For Excellence

Assistant Year Head (Upper Block): 
Mdm Leong Wee Hoon 

P5 Level Letters
P5 Final.jpg
 From Left to Right (Seated):
Mr Aerfi, Mdm Jaswant Kaur, Mrs Han, Miss Ang See Yuen,
Miss Hayati & Mr Salleh
From Left to Right (Back Row):
Mr Viknesswaran, Mr Daniel Li, Mrs Thaifur Alias, Mrs Adeline Lim
Mdm Leong Wee Hoon, Mrs Lim Huey Sian, Mdm Faizah, 
Miss Serene Yap, Mdm Kymberly Law & Mr Dexter Lee


Form/Co-Form Teachers


5 Faith Miss Hayati Abdul Rahim
 Mdm Leong Wee Hoonleong_wee_hoon@moe.edu.sg 
5 HopeMr Lee Kah Soon Dexter 


 Mrs Lim Huey Sian  goh_huey_sian@moe.edu.sg 
  Mdm Faizah Bte Ibrahim
5 Joy
Mr Vikneswaran 
 Mdm Jaswant Kaurjaswant_kaur_gurdit_singh@moe.edu.sg
5 Courage Miss Yap Hui Yun Serene
 Mr Muhamad Aerfi Bin Abdullahmuhamad_aerfi_abdullah@moe.edu.sg
5 Kindness
Mrs Thaifur Alias
 Mdm Reshmi Raireshmi_rai@moe.edu.sg
5 Patience
Mrs Adeline Lim
 Mrs Han - Tan Quek khim Ferlynntan_quek_khim@moe.edu.sg 
5 Charity
Mr Daniel Li Dahao
 Mr Mohamed Sallehmohamed_salleh_md_nooh@moe.edu.sg 

Class Venue Subject Teacher Email 
CL 5.1 / P5 HCL 5 Faith Mdm Pang Bee Geok pang_bee_geok@moe.edu.sg
CL 5.2 5 Hope Mrs Du Liang du_liang@moe.edu.sg
ML 5.1   5 Joy   Mrs Siti Osman siti_zuraidah_osman@moe.edu.sg  
CL 5.3 5 Courage  Mr Ng Kok Leongng_kok_leong_a@moe.edu.sg    
CL 5.4 5 Kindness Mdm Loke Chuen Lan loke_chuen_lan@moe.edu.sg 
ML 5.2  5 Patience   Mdm Azizah Ali azizah_ali@moe.edu.sg
 P5 FCL 5 Charity Mdm Lian Huan lian_huan@moe.edu.sg
 P5 Bridging MT Room 2Mdm Faizah faizah_ibrahim_A@moe.edu.sg 

Class/Subject English Mathematics Science
5 Faith Miss Hayati Abdul Rahim
Mdm Leong Wee Hoon
Mdm Kymberly Law
5 Hope Miss Hayati Abdul Rahim
Mdm Kymberly Law
Mdm Kymberly Law
5 Joy Mdm Jaswant Kaur
Mr Vikneswaran
Mrs Han - Tan Quek khim
5 Courage  Miss Yap Hui Yun Serene
Mr Lee Kah Soon Dexter
Mrs Han - Tan Quek khim
5 Kindness  Mrs Thaifur Alias
Mr Vikneswaran /
Mdm Leong Wee Hoon
Mrs Thaifur Alias
5 Patience  Mdm Jaswant Kaur
Mdm Leong Wee Hoon /
Mr Vikneswaran
Mrs Han - Tan Quek Him /      Mrs Lim Huey Sian
5 Charity Mr Daniel Li  Mr Daniel Li Mrs Thaifur Alias