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Primary 4 Level

Level Motto : 

One For All, All For One

Leave No One Behind

Assistant Year Head (Middle Block): 
Mdm Wang Yee Ling Karen

P4 Level Letters 
  • Term 1
P4 Level Photo 2018_2.jpg
                     From Left to Right (Front Row):
                  Mr Suresh, Mr Wang Hup Ann, Mdm Azizah Ali, 
                Mdm Shanmugathai & Mrs Ee (leong) Lai Mun
                     From Left to Right (Back Row):
                    Mr Norman, Mdm Sharifah Fatemah, Mr Prem Kumar, 
                   Mrs Andrea Ki, Mdm Quek Leng Leng, 
               Mdm Farida Bee, Mdm Tan Hui Hong Joyce & Mr Ng Kok Leong


Form/Co-Form Teachers


4 Faith Mr Seah Chin Liang Matthew seah_chin_liang_matthew@moe.edu.sg
  Mr Lee Boon Kwee lee_boon_kwee@moe.edu.sg
4 Hope Mrs Eswani Nicholas eswani_nicholas@moe.edu.sg
 Miss Khairunnisa Bte Shamsurikhairunnisa_shamsuri@moe.edu.sg
4 Joy  Mr Loe Weiqiang Timothyloe_weiqiang_timothy@moe.edu.sg
  Mdm Nur Shabana Bte Syed Ismail nur_shabana_syed_ismail@moe.edu.sg
4 Courage  Mr Ong Joo Kaiong_joo_kai@moe.edu.sg
 Miss Dulcie Lim Shao Jindulcie_lim_shao_jian@moe.edu.sg
4 Kindness   Miss Koh Zhuang Mankoh_zhuang_man@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Chang Lan Lichang_lan_li@moe.edu.sg
4 Patience
Mdm Wang Yee Ling Karen 

Mdm Farida Bee Bte Abdul Rahman

Class Venue Subject Teacher Email 
CL 4.1
CL 4.2
ML 4.1  
CL 4.3
CL 4.4
ML 4.2 
 TL 4.1
 P4 Bridging

Class/Subject English Mathematics Science
4 Faith
4 Hope
4 Joy 

4 Courage 

4 Kindness 
4 Patience