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Primary 3 Level

P3 Year Head:
Miss Kwan See Ling

Level Letters:

Term 1
Term 2
P3 2019 Term 2.JPG

Seated from left to right: 
Mr Mohammed Aqil, Mdm Quek Leng Leng, Miss Kwan See Ling,
Miss Dorcas Low & Mr Wang Hup Ann.

Standing from left to right: 
Mr Ng Kok Leong, Mrs Alfonso, Mdm Lim Swee Kwan, Miss Rachael Li, 
Miss Geraldine Neo, Mdm Kymberly Law, Mdm Zatty Sabrina 
& Mr Suresh Kumar.


Form/Co-Form Teachers


3 Faith Mdm Shanmugathai 
Mdm Zatty Sabrina 
 Miss Kwan See Ling (YH) kwan_see_ling@schools.gov.sg 
3 Hope
Mdm Kymberly Ariel Law 

3 Joy
Mr Wang Hup Ann
Miss Li Xiujing Rachael
3 Courage  Miss Geraldine Neo Poh Yan  geraldine_neo_poh_yan@schools.gov.sg
  Miss Low Duo Jia Dorcas low_duo_jia_dorcas@schools.gov.sg
3 Kindness Mdm Quek Leng Leng quek_leng_leng@schools.gov.sg
 Mr Ng Kok Leongng_kok_leong_a@schools.gov.sg
 Mr Mohammed Aqil mohammed_aqil_mohd@schools.gov.sg
3 Patience Mr Suresh Kumar  suresh_kumar_gemeni@schools.gov.sg
 Mdm Lim Swee Kuanlim_swee_kuan@schools.gov.sg
 Mrs Alfonsoreshmi_rai@schools.gov.sg

Class Venue Subject Teacher Email 
CL 3.1 3 FaithMiss Kwan See Lingkwan_see_ling@schools.gov.sg
CL 3.2 3 Hope Miss Li Han Yuskps@moe.edu.sg
ML 3.1   3 Joy  Mdm Azizahazizah_ali@schools.gov.sg
CL 3.3 3 Courage  Mdm Lian Huanlian_huan@schools.gov.sg 
CL 3.4 3 Kindness Mr Ng Kok Leong  ng_kok_leong_a@schools.gov.sg
ML 3.2    3 Kindness  

 TL 3.1CCA Room 2Mr Prem Kumarprem_kumar@schools.gov.sg

3 FaithMiss Zatty SabrinaMdm Shanmugathai
Mdm Kymberly Law
3 HopeMiss Zatty SabrinaMdm Kymberly LawMdm Kymberly Law
3 Joy Mr Suresh KumarMr Wang Hup AnnMr Wang Hup Ann
3 Courage Miss Geraldine Neo
Miss Dorcas LowMiss Lim Yu An
3 Kindness Mr Mohammed Aqil 
Mdm Quek Leng LengMdm Quek Leng Leng
3 Patience Mr Suresh Kumar /  
Mdm Lim Swee Kuan
Mdm Lim Swee KuanMr Mohammed Aqil