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Primary 3 Level

Level Motto : 

One For All, All For One

Leave No One Behind

Assistant Year Head (Middle Block): 
Mdm Wang Yee Ling Karen

P3 Level Letters 

 From Left to Right (Front Row):
Mr Ong Joo Kai, Mr Timothy Loe, Mdm Wang Yee Ling Karen, 
Mr Matthew Seah & Mr Welly Hardono
From Left to Right (Back Row):
Miss Dulcie Lim, Miss Khairunnisa, 
Mrs Lim Huey Sian, Mrs Eswani Nicholas, 
Miss Koh Zhuang Man, Miss Chang Lan Li & Mdm Norsyuhadah


Form/Co-Form Teachers


3 Faith Mr Seah Chin Liang Matthew
Mdm Chiew Yan Seah
3 Hope
Mrs Eswani Nicholas


Miss Khairunnisa Bte Shamsuri
3 Joy
Mr Loe Weiqiang Timothy
Mdm Norsyuhadah
3 Courage  Mr Ong Joo Kai ong_joo_kai@moe.edu.sg
  Miss Dulcie Lim Shao Jian dulcie_lim_shao_jian@moe.edu.sg
3 Kindness Miss Koh Zhuang Man koh_zhuang_man@moe.edu.sg 
 Mr Lee Boon Kweelee_boon_kwee@moe.edu.sg
3 Patience Mdm Wang Yee Ling Karen wang_yee_ling_karen@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Chang Lan Lichang_lan_li@moe.edu.sg
 Mr Welly Hardono welly_hardono@moe.edu.sg 

Class Venue Subject Teacher Email 
CL 3.1 3 Faith Mdm Lim Hwee Hong lim_hwee_hong_a@moe.edu.sg
CL 3.2 3 Hope   Mdm Yang Caihui yang_caihui@moe.edu.sg
ML 3.1   3 Joy  Mdm Nur Shabana nur_shabana_syed_ismail@moe.edu.sg
CL 3.3 3 Courage  Mdm Li Shi Hua
CL 3.4 3 Patience   Mr Lee Boon Kwee lee_boon_kwee@moe.edu.sg  
ML 3.2    3 Kindness   Mdm Faridah faridah_a_razak@moe.edu.sg  
 TL 3.1MT Room 1 Miss Sailatha sailatha_a@moe.edu.sg
P3 Bridging  MT Room 2 Mdm Norsyuhadahnorsyuhadah_mohd_khaidzir@moe.edu.sg

3 FaithMrs Eswani NicholasMr Seah Chin Liang MatthewMr Seah Chin Liang Matthew
3 HopeMrs Eswani NicholasMr Ong Joo KaiMr Seah Chin Liang Matthew
3 Joy Mr Timothy LoeMr Timothy LoeMiss Lim Yu An
3 Courage Miss Koh Zhuang ManMr Ong Joo KaiMr Ong Joo Kai
3 Kindness Miss Koh Zhuang ManMr Seah Chin Liang MatthewMdm Chang Lan Li
3 Patience   Mdm Wang Yee Ling KarenMdm Wang Yee Ling KarenMdm Chang Lan Li