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Curriculum Vitae

Mrs Rabia Shahul was appointed the Principal of SKPS in January 2010.  She has nearly 24 years’ experience in the education service having worked in both the primary and secondary schools.  She was the Head of Department of EL at Compassvale Secondary School and was appointed the Vice-Principal of Qiaonan Primary School in the period Oct 2007 to Mar 2009.
During her years in service as an educator, she has clinched a number of awards; this includes the pinnacle President Award for Teachers (PAT) in 2004 from our ex-President, Mr S R Nathan and the Dr Ruth Wong Medal during her DDM Course at NIE in 2005.  She served in Curriculum Planning and Development Division (English Language Unit), MOE, from January to September 2006 before pursuing her Master in Curriculum and Teaching at Columbia University, New York, under MOE postgraduate scholarship. 
Mrs Shahul is very passionate about promoting curriculum innovation.  She believes very strongly in emphasizing on character education as fundamental in developing a child.  Providing pupils with varied opportunities to uncover their own talents and interests is something very close to her heart