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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

We are proud to present our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) entitled, “Developing Values and Leadership through Sports Education”. 
The tagline that the school adopts to promote this into a lifelong habit is, Live Life, Love Life.

Through the programme, the school aims to develop students who are able to:
1.  Exhibit desirable personal and social behaviour that respects self and others in individual and team sports settings;
2.  Demonstrate our four school values and leadership when participating in individual and team sports settings; and
3.  Value individual and team sports for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction purposes;

Approach and Deployment of LLP
The all-encompassing nature and extensiveness of the programme will ensure student involvement and the benefits of the programme are reaped by students progressively from Primary One to Six.

Delivered through a Sport Education Model (Source: Siedentop, D, “Sports education: Quality PE through positive sport experiences”, 1994), sport is defined as playful competition, or termed otherwise as "play education". The LLP not only gives students the physical activity and the opportunity to play, but also targets the building of the social-emotional competencies as well. For instance, students will learn how to socialise, take turns, manage self, and be able to compete in a competitive and yet, safe environment through structured play. The concept lies in learning more about SEL naturally from play rather than from reading a rule book and being told what to do by teachers. Hence, students will be able to practice responsible personal behaviour in a physical activity setting and demonstrate the ability to work with others. These platforms also serve as an extension to the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) conducted in Primary One and Two.

They will also be given more opportunities to be more adept at conflict management. Other benefits outside of SEL would be the ability to identify potential dangers and identify safe alternatives when pursuing physical activities. Setting goals and working independently, described in the programme outline below, in pursuit of personal fitness and skill development would be a natural by-product of the programme.

The LLP is developed hinging on one of the school’s belief that every child is special and given the opportunity to participate in team sports, regardless of his talents, the student will be able to hone the necessary skills and competencies based on his readiness level.

Lower Primary Sports Day (Primary 1 and 2)

The Lower Primary Sports Day is an annual event organised for the Primary 1, 2 and 3 pupils. It is a day where the pupils are given the opportunity to showcase the skills that they have learnt during their PE lessons. Relays and station games involving both fine and gross motor skills are organised for pupils to pit their skills against one another.

Through an inter-class game format, we hope to instil in pupils sportsmanship, confidence and integrity, values which are integral in the holistic development of each child. The Lower Primary Sports Day marks a day of celebration for the pupils, having learnt the skills which have been taught to them, making it a milestone in their learning in the physical domain.

Positive Living Carnival - Upper Primary Sports Day (Primary 3 to 6) 
The objective of the Positive Living Carnival is to promote mass participation and the awareness of leading a healthy and positive lifestyle among our pupils through physical activities, games, interactive exhibitions and lessons.

It is also a platform to nurture relationships and connect with our stakeholders such as parents and other partners. Parents are invited to participate with the pupils in a 2km walk/jog bonding session around the neighbourhood. Valued stakeholders such as Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association (SATA), the Central Narcotics Branch (CNB), Seng Kang Secondary School (SKSS) and Singapore Sports School (SSS) are also invited to collaborate on the event.

It is certainly an exciting day lined up with many activities to empower pupils to take ownership of their learning !

Camps - Primary 4, 5 and 6
Camps provide opportunities for pupils to build self-confidence and discipline as well as acquire the necessary skills such as team building, problem solving and creative thinking skills to face future challenges.

It also provides opportunities for pupils to foster close bonds and camaraderie among themselves and with teachers.

The camps, from Primary 4 to Primary 6, are designed in a progressive and age-appropriate manner.

The activities which the pupils get to experience includes team building activities, confidence and problem-solving activities, camp craft such as knots and lashing, tent pitching and outdoor cooking.

The camps are also a good platform to instil SEL competencies namely, Social Awareness, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision Making.

Activities are planned in accordance to the school’s camp progressive framework which focus on Character Education and Outdoor Education.

Fun Club
PE Fun Club.jpg
The Fun Club is set up to help pupils achieve their healthy weight through various activities and programmes. To encourage pupils to be active, games are conducted during their recesses and school holidays.

Programmes such as the Kangoo Jump workshop and Active Kidz (in collaboration with HPB) are organised throughout the year.

Equipping them with the necessary knowledge such as making wise food choices and inculcating them with healthy habits are all part of the health education lessons which pupils get to learn.

At the end of the programme, we hope that the pupils will be responsible and committed to continue to lead a healthy, active and positive lifestyle.