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Signature Programmes


We are proud to present our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) entitled, “Developing Values and Leadership through Sports Education”. 
The tagline that the school adopts to promote this into a lifelong habit is, Live Life, Love Life.

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 Through the programme, the school aims to develop students who are able to:

1. Exhibit desirable personal and social behaviour that respects self and others in individual and team sports settings;

2. Demonstrate our value and leadership when participating in individual and team sports settings; and

3. Value individual and team sports for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction purposes.



The Character Education Approach in the school is pinned on 2 approaches to help the school achieve its Vision and Mission.  Based on the principles of Thomas Lickona on how to develop a good character education programme, we focus on five parameters to ensure that our Character Education is well thought through.  The domains we look at each area is the Curriculum that drives the domain, the Culture that we want to achieve, the relevant Assessment to measure the programmes, the Relationships that can push the programme and finally Innovative Practices that we can use if programmes are adopted or replicated.  


Using the Kolhberg and Piaget theories of moral development and cognitive development respectively as a reference, the Lifeskills curriculum has been explicitly designed to impart values to students in the formal education system. It also aims at enhancing the daily Value Moment Programme. The syllabus is a more student-centric approach, teaching the pupils to develop the school core values in them and to display these values in their actions and behaviour. Pupils are taught how to identify the behaviour they should emulate in order to become a more upright individual and eventually a concerned citizen. They are also taught to reflect on the right and wrong actions and learn from their own reflection. To ensure that the current nation centric value education is not lost, the curriculum has infused.