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Signature Programmes

Learning for Life Programme (LLP)
We are proud to present our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) entitled, “Developing Values and Leadership through Sports Education”. 
The tagline that the school adopts to promote this into a lifelong habit is, Live Life, Love Life.

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Through the programme, the school aims to develop students who are able to:
1.  Exhibit desirable personal and social behaviour that respects self and others in individual and team sports settings;
2.  Demonstrate our four school values and leadership when participating in individual and team sports settings; and
3.  Value individual and team sports for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction purposes;

Innovation and VIA Programme

Design Thinking is introduced into Lifeskills Curriculum. This is in line with the move by the school to introduce Graciousness as part of the school’s values. With the help of the new thinking tools, students learnt to empathize with the needs of the user by putting themselves into the shoes of the person that they are innovating for. 

Through the teaching packages, students were equipped with skills to become inventive thinkers. Students learn to analyse issues from different perspectives, generate ideas, make better decisions and derive more effective solutions to problems. Skills learnt are also transferable to VIA projects and curriculum. Students also learnt that they are part of the community and have a responsibility to make the school a better place through their suggestions.

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P4 and P5 VIA Projects

VIA and innovation is infused into character education to provide an experiential approach fusing critical thinking in product design and product creation.

These thinking and innovation approaches and skills are incorporated as part of the curriculum design of the school’s Lifeskills Curriculum for Values Education, which also includes Piaget’s Stages of Development and Kohlberg’s Moral Reasoning Theory.  Reflections is used as a means of encapsulating student learning whilst the storytelling approach is used in the books and role playing by students and student leaders to deepen their values acquisition. 

P4 VIA and Innovation lesson also integrated with their IPW project. These new structure had invoked greater empathy in our P4 students as they were involved to better understand the cancer children’s challenges and how the funds raised would be used to meet their healthcare needs.

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P6 VIA Projects

For 6 Charity, 2019, the objective of their VIA project is to show appreciation to the SBS bus captains.

Students created Thank You cards to show appreciation to the bus captains. They also visited the SBS Transit exhibition, to understand more about inclusiveness on public transport.

Some students wore blindfolds and others were taught how to lend a hand to someone who is visually impaired. Students learnt to empathise and show care and concern to the community

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