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Principal's Message

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Dear Parents, Guardians and Partners,

Happy New Year to all!

Welcome back to school and we hope you have spent time to have fun and relaxing family moments with your child during the year-end holidays.

We extend our warmest welcome to our P1s and new students joining us at the different levels together with their parents and guardians to our big and caring SKPS family. We are grateful for the trust you have in us. We are committed to provide our students with a holistic student development programme grounded in character building, supported by a safe and nurturing environment to bring out the best in every SKPS student. Together, we want to work in collaboration with you to realise our shared vision to nurture our students into Confident Communicators, Critical Thinkers and Concerned Citizens.

In Seng Kang Primary, we believe that Everyone Is Special, Everyone Can Learn and Everyone Can Serve. We appreciate that every child is a gift and each comes to us with his unique set of needs, strengths and talents. It is our purpose and mission to know every child well, support and meet his learning needs and guide him to discover and grow his passion and interests. Through experiential and authentic learning experiences enabled by technology, we engage our students in deep learning of the discipline knowledge, to think critically and creatively in problem solving, ignite their curiosity to ask questions and build in them desire to know more and take learning beyond.

To build adaptability and resilience in our learners, we equip them with the life skills to work collaboratively, tackle challenges in real world and different cultural contexts, to manage risks and build the tenacity to bounce back from setbacks. We guide our students to explore their passion and interests so as to discover their purpose in life. We sensitise them to the needs of those around them and encourage them to generate innovative solutions to make the world a more gracious place.

As a school, we take pride in our strong staff caring and innovation culture which drive us to reinvent and better ourselves to break new frontiers. Going forward, our teachers will form professional learning teams to inquire into their practices and explore ways to improve their pedagogical skills to be even more effective in student engagement. We leverage the Singapore Teaching Practice to deepen our subject matter knowledge and enhance our classroom and instructional practices as we sharpen our saw. We actively seek collaboration platforms with our partners and stakeholders to broaden the learning and exposure for our staff and students.

We aspire to be a gracious school of future ready learners where every child is anchored on our organisational values of Respect, Integrity, Resilience and Confidence, empowered with the knowledge and skills to think critically and communicate effectively, adept to use technology responsibly and enriched with the heart to lead, care and serve. 

We thank you for your unyielding belief in us. We hope to forge even stronger home-school-community partnerships with you and look forward to your continuous support and understanding as we journey on together.

Wishing one and all a very healthy, fruitful and fulfilling year ahead!

Yours in Education,

Mrs Teo


“The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time.”
                                                                                                                                                                Peter Drucker