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Thank You Message for Teachers

Mukesh Kumar Hemnath (SKPS, 3 Faith)

Thank you to all my teachers for making lessons interesting. My sincere thanks to all my teachers who have taught me. Miss Lu Yi teaches me English and Math. If we finish our work,Miss Lu Yi shows us videos, Mrs Alfonso teaches Art, Mrs Vijay teaches Tamil and for spelling she will have a mini spelling competition and will give the winning group prizes and Mrs Han who has been teaching me for 3 years taught me English when I was in P1 and 2 and lastly Mrs Sng taught me Math.

Haoqian (SKPS, Alumni)
Hi Mr Devin,
I just want to say thank you for helping me get rid of bad habits I used to have before and thank you for those counselling sessions that you have put me in it really helps a lot and help me say thank you to Mr Ong and Mr Tan my Math has really improved the pass year.

Jack Vo (SKPS, Parent)
Dear Mdm Nasuha,
Thank you so much for teaching Kelly Tuong Van to achieve what she has till today. Although she has a long studying journey to go, we all believe that she will get  higher target under your guidance in future. My family really appreciate all your effort to help our daughter in these primary school years. You are always wonderful teacher of our daughter. Thank you very much! Jack and Jennifer.

Maria Cristina Del Mundo (SKPS, Parent)

To 6 Faith Teachers,

A Big Thank You to all of you for tirelessly motivating students of 6Faith, bringing out the best of their skills and talents, and continuously working on their weaknesses. This year has been the most challenging school year but words are not enough to thank you all for your dedication and efforts.

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