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SATS School Meal Programme

The SATS School Meals Programme is a future-ready food solution that caters healthy and nutritious meals to students. This programme carefully considers the end-to-end process from the planning of the menu to the collection of meals by the students. Students can enjoy a wholesome meal experience that is not just tasty, but also healthy and safe. The menu selections, which are thoughtfully developed and curated by SATS’ award-winning chefs and dietitian, are produced at the lowest possible cost such that cost savings are returned to students. The meals are prepared in accordance to Health Promotion Board’s “Healthy Meals in School Programme” guidelines. You can be assured that your child will receive a good amount of nutrients to sustain them through their daily activities in school.

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SATS My Meal Card Application Form click here to download.

Meals can be ordered online at www.school-meals.sg