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Key Programmes

Our key programmes are as follows:

P3 Interdisciplinary Project Work: Boat making
The P3 students observe and reflect on how materials are used in contemporary artwork. During the process, they learn how to differentiate between the kinds of materials that they often use and choose materials with suitable properties for their boats. They also learn to empathise with how pollution impacts the environment. Students then use recyclables to make a boat that can float and move. They learn to work together as a group to create and test their boats and overcome challenges together. They also have the opportunity to display their confidence while presenting in their groups to their classmates.

boatmaking1.jpg boatmaking2.jpg
boatmaking3.jpg boatmaking4.jpg

P5 Science Investigative Project
The P5 students are given the opportunity to work in small groups where they go beyond the textbooks and explore topics of their interest to apply scientific concepts. They are able to hone their scientific skills such as identifying an aim and the different types of variables in an experiment. Students also build on their confidence by presenting their experimental results as well as to work as a team to ensure that each group member takes ownership of their own learning.

boatmaking5.png boatmaking6.png

P6 Terrarium Making
The Primary 6 students learn how plants and sometimes animals live together in their self-sustaining ecosystem through a terrarium making activity. Using recycled plastic containers, students build their terrarium. This experience provides the students with an opportunity to imitate then observe and learn how this ecosystem needs very little except occasional watering and moderate sunlight.

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Other Programmes
The students go for 1 Science learning journey per year as we believe that joyful learning experiences can bring about motivation and improve learning engagement especially in the learning of Science where we can make the classroom come alive.

Science Learning Journey


Diversity of animals & plants at the zoo


Heat Science lesson at the Singapore Science Lesson


Plant parts and reproduction of flowering plants at Gardens by the Bay


Adaptations at Sungei Buloh

P1 & P2 Basic Science Programme
The P1 & P2 Basic Science Programme aims to increase students’ interest in Science. By exposing the pupils to topics in Science through selected STELLAR English lessons, the pupils would be able to link and understand the applicability of Science in our daily lives.

Environment Education Committee (EEC)

Our Programmes & Activities
The Environment Education Committee has initiated environmentally-friendly programmes to raise awareness on the importance of 3Rs in our daily lifestyles as well as raising funds for our financial-aided pupils. There are activities like Eco-Tues, Environment Week and collaborations with external agencies.

The external agencies include National Environment Agency (NEA), SembWaste, NParks, Residents Committee (RC) and more. These agencies provide support and advice in the recycling competitions and projects that the school has taken part in.