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Diversity and Science

Strong ecosystems are biologically diverse.

To promote diversity, Science Department fosters diversity in teaching and learning and moves things forward to create cohesive networking with various instructional tools. 

The  E 3  – Explore, Experience and Excite with Science – approach serves as a guide in planning and implementing the Science programmes.

When the learners explore, they think, inquire (question) and discover. This develops the learners’ cognitive domain.
After the learners’ minds are turned on, they use their senses to experience the Science curriculum. We also take into the consideration about the pupils’ past experiences. We plan the kind of experiences we want the learners to experience, do and demonstrate (behavioural domain).
Excite with Science  ( E 3  Science)
We bring in stimulus (e.g. objects, ICT tools) to arouse learners’ curiosity and engage them in the topic (affective domain) meaningfully.


& Inquisitive Learners
ExploreCognitive- To inquire
- To discover

ExperienceBehavioral- Use of 5 senses
- Learning experiences
 Excite Affective Curiosity Feeling