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Art & Music
Approach to Art and Music Teaching
We value the artistic development of our students and strive to help every child achieve their fullest potential in the arts. Through the Inspire, Aspire, Grow approach, our Art and Music curricula are centered on themes that would relate to and extend students' prior experiences in their daily lives. Through a diverse range of programmes within the curriculum, we aim to nurture thinking and socio-culturally sensitive individuals.


Physical Education (PE)
The department strives, through the PE teachers,
  • To provide a safe environment where skills and knowledge can be effectively imparted to pupils.
  • To constantly upgrade and upgrade oneself through external and/or in-house workshops.
  • To provide a platform for integration of races, social and economic groups.
  • To promote teamwork and leadership development in pupils.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to have a sense of achievement.
  • To facilitate reflection and assessment to be able to maximise learning opportunities for pupils.
  • To impart SEL and 21CC competencies in our pupils.