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Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Reading Programme

The MTL Reading Programme is a school based curriculum aimed at promoting a reading culture in SKPS through structured curriculum reading periods, morning reading on every Thursday, reading cum reflection journals and various reading activities for all students. The reading of MTL stories, many of which are rich in cultural content, would in turn engender a love for the language and culture.

Fig 1: MTL reading programme aims to inculcate reading skills and the enjoyment of reading amongst students and 
encourage them to read widely and at least one MTL book every month.

In addition, the MTL Reading Day is organised once every year to promote reading of Mother Tongue storybooks amongst pupils, as well as to increase their confidence in using their own Mother Tongue.

Interactive and fun activities were planned to encourage pupils to read MTL storybooks. These include exhibition of students’ work; a prize redemption booth for pupils to redeem prizes based on the number of books read recorded in their own reading logs.