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Key Programmes

Are as follows:
Mother Tongue Fortnight
This 2-week long event is a platform for students to actively learn mother tongue language and during the this event, students from P1 to P6 will be given the opportunities to participate in cultural activities that is being organized by The MTL Department.

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Celebration of Festivals
Students are taught to appreciate Singapore's cultures and traditions through e.g. Lunar New Year, Pongal Celebration & Hari Raya Celebrations etc.

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Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Reading Programme
This reading programme is a school based curriculum aimed at promoting a reading culture.

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 Overseas Immersion Programme
Participants of this programme will have the opportunity to experience school life in a different cultural setting, make new friends of another nationality and learn alongside their peers. The application for the immersion programme is open to all Primary 5 students.

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