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No.Name of CompetitionAchievementsNameClass
1The 24th National Primary Schools On-the-Spot Essay Writing CompetitionParticipation--
2The 1st Primary & Secondary School Reading Chinese Text Book Competition Participation--
 3 National Chinese Challenge (Secondary & Primary)Top 20 (Individual)  Yang Li FanCL6.1 
 42018 National On-The-Spot Chinese Story Writing Competition Participation 
National Penmanship Competition   Participation


No.Name of CompetitionAchievementsNameClass
1Tirukkural Vizha (Tamil)Participation--
2Tanglin CC IAEC Tamil Singing CompetitionParticipation--
 3Sri Sivan Temple Drawing Competition
3rdSuresh PriyanTL1.1
4Muthamizh Vizha -Thirukkural CompetitionParticipation 
Pintar Kata (Malay)Participation
6The 23rd National Primary Schools On-the-Spot Chinese Creative Essay Writing Competition  Participation
The 3rd National Picture Book Creation Competition (Chinese)  Participation