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To promote reading, we have daily silent reading of storybooks and Little Red Dot in the morning, storytelling and weekly Read And Think (RAT) programme where pupils get to voice their opinions of articles read. A Reading Mascot named Uncle Biblio, and Characters Come Alive! (where teachers dressed as characters from storybooks), as well as a conducive reading corner named thereadingpark@skps, are created to excite, enthuse and encourage pupils to read.

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To develop pupils’ confidence and competency in the spoken language, we have a 6-year matrix where pupils undergo a progression of specific language skills from Primary 1 to 6. Outcomes have also been developed to assess their attainment of proficiency.

We have:
  • Poetry Recitation & Jingles in Primary 1
  • Storytelling in Primary 2
  • Readers’ Theatre in Primary 3
  • Speech & Drama / Musical in Primary 4
  • Show & Tell through Photography in Primary 5 
  • PSLE Oral Preparatory Programme in Primary 6. 
Every child in Seng Kang Primary is given an opportunity to perform on stage.

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Pupils in Primary 1 and Primary 2 also get to co-create lessons with their teachers and participate in peer teaching and learning in our ExcITE programme (Exciting Integrated Thematic Experience).

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We also develop our very own trading cards known as Speak & Snap to encourage pupils to speak in Internationally Acceptable English.

The English Department has also developed a package for use in a programme known as Everyday Conversations – Speak Right. Be Polite. Everyday Conversations aims to help pupils develop their social skills and etiquette so that they are able to converse tactfully in appropriate contexts.
To further build their confidence in the use of the language, pupils are exposed to external competitions, such as storytelling and debates.  The EL Department also organises Seng Kang’s Got Talent! annually to provide a platform for pupils to showcase their creative and verbal talents on a voluntary basis.  To further motivate the more able pupils to excel, we also organise EL Star Search to provide a competitive platform for them to benchmark their language skills against one another.