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Key Programmes

Our key programmes are as follows;
Applied Learning Programmes (ALP): Enhance Spoken English Language Programme. P1 to P4 students experience modules in spoken and written poetry in a spiral progression to enhance and built their skills in EL communication.

EL 01.jpgEL 02.jpgEL 03.jpgEL 04.jpg

Our Confident and atriculate P1 students performing in front of their peers and parents.

P1 Talentime: The Talentime programme for the P1 students is hosted by P1 students. The students are given this platform as part of their ‘Show and Tell’ to display their talents and creativity in areas such as singing, dancing or even story telling.

EL 05.jpgEL 07.jpg

P1 student hosting Talentime for their peers and participants singing and telling their stories.

Library Fortnight: Reading is an integral part of our students’ learning of EL. In SKPS, the school library is themed ‘Storyland’ where hundreds of books await to be read and to fuel the imagination of our students. Hence, the annual Library Fortnight with 
its array of book related activities promote and sustain the love of, and joy in, reading for the students.

EL 09.jpgEL 10.jpgEL 11.jpg

Wishing upon a "Book Tree" for a book.

EL 12.jpgEL 13.jpgEL 14.jpg

Students having the opportunity to dress up as their favourite characters.
Book characters comes alive to spread the joy of reading to students.

Spin-A-Tale N1 Cluster Storytelling Competition: SKPS is proud to host the annual N1 Cluster storytelling competition for the primary schools in the cluster. At SKPS, we select our top three story tellers from a school-wide search, after allowing our students to experience the storytelling competitions at their respective levels.

EL 15.jpgEL 16.jpg

ExcITE (Exciting Integrated Thematic Experience): This programme accords the lower primary students with the opportunity to co-plan lessons with their teachers and share their learning with their peers from another class.

OPEL: The Oral Proficiency in English Language (OPEL) cards for the lower primary students are a collection of activities the students complete to help them build and boost their speaking and presentation skills. 

EL 17.jpgEL 18.jpg


P1 and P2 students class representatives receiving prizes on behalf of their friends for completing
the OPEL activity card.