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Department Message

The CCE Department is made up of various groups of teachers, each spearheading a particular area so as to allow each child to benefit from the experience to become Confident Communicators, Critical Thinkers and Concerned Citizens.  The department looks into the overall development of Student Leaders – where everyone is deemed to be able to Serve.  The schools Values Education Programme, consisting of the Discipline, Class and Year Head Value Moments, the in house Lifeskills Curriculum, FTGP and Growing Years looks at the Curriculum Perspective.  This is linked to our Values In Action Programmes which using Design Thinking as an approach.  In the development of Concerned Citizens – we look towards experiences that enrich National Education and are pioneers in having Contemporary Issues Discussions with our pupils and teachers.  We strive to create dreams through our structured ECG Priogrammes.  We manage and support pupils with emotional, behavioural and special needs under the Case Management Umbrella.