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Pupil and Teacher Orientation
Overall Safety of pupils and Staff
Pupils Discipline and related issues
Leadership Development 
Community Involvement
Parent Education Financial Assistance for Needy pupils
 Pastoral Care & Career Guidance
 Character Development
Social Emotional
Learning (SEL)
Daily Value Moments In House Life Skills Curriculum (LIVE)
Case Management involving Social, Emotional and Learning Needs
Counselling / Special Needs Support
School Family Education (SFE) - Partnership with MCYS
Career Guidance
Sexuality Education
 National Education & Social Studies
 Social Studies Curriculum
P4 to P6 Heritage Tours
P4 to P6 Learning Journeys
Commemoration of Racial Harmony Day, International Friendship Day, National Day and Total Defense Day
Celebration of Festivals e.g. Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Lantern Festival and Deepavali