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Education & Career Guidance (ECG)


Education and Career Guidance (ECG) equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to make informed decisions at each key education stage for successful transition from school to further education or work, and hence to manage their career pathways and lifelong learning throughout their lives. Through ECG, social emotional competencies and qualities of proactivity, adaptability, and resilience are developed to prepare students for the 21st Century. In primary school, the emphasis is largely on creating an awareness of their future education and career options, to enable greater engagement and relevance in their current curricula, and better decision making for their next steps.

Moreover, ECG is also in line with MOE’s three emphases:

Motivating Students through Joy & Success in Learning: ECG leverages students’ ambitions to make learning relevant to the students. By understanding the ambitions of individual students and the general cohort, learning objectives can be positioned from the perspective of popular occupations, for academic subjects, as well as PAM and CCA.

Empowering Learners with Values & Skills: ECG develops students, proactivity, adaptability, and resilience, to prepare them for the 21st century. This is demonstrated through the forming of ambitions (e.g. education pathways, industries), the determination to achieve those goals, and the flexibility to modify them along the way to incorporate new information and interests.

Deepening Teachers’ Pedagogical Practices: Finally, ECG challenges teachers to make learning relevant to the students, starting with learning more about them through the FTGP ECG lessons, all the way to positioning their lessons to popular ambitions among their class. Moreover, it expands their worldview of education, to one of creating a vibrant community of world-ready learners.


  •  nurture students’ self-awareness, self-directedness, and life skills for continuous learning and training (Skills)
  • enable students to explore viable education and career options through the provision of accurate and comprehensive information (Knowledge)
  • inculcate an appreciation for the value of all occupations and how they contribute to the well-functioning of society (Mindsets)
  • equip students with skills and means to positively engage their parents and other career influencers (Engaging the community)


The programs are positioned at three tiers that aim to address the students’ specific questions, corresponding approximately to the three lower, middle, and upper blocks:

  1. Awareness: Who am I?
  2. Experience: Where am I going?
  3. Advocacy: How do I get there?

2018Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
Who am I?
(Lower Block)
--Family Tree of CareersAssembly talk
Where am I going?
(Middle Block)
Assembly talkCareer Fair (inc. tie-up with Sell&Raise entrepreneurship)CCA career talks

Values-in-Action job experience
Assembly talk
How do I get there?
(Upper Block)
 MySkillsFuture portal x FTGP

Assembly talk
 Art LJ (focus on actors)

MySkillsFuture portal
CCA career talks Infusing ECG into academic subjects for 2019 

Secondary School marketing

Super Seniors talk about Sec Sch life

 All Tiers Student-Teacher conversations (ambition)

Total Defence Day (military, economic, civil defence occupations)
 Recess videos Speakers to reinforce block themes in 2019