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Clubs and Societies

7.30am - 9.30am
Mrs Jasmine Chan (i/c)
Mr Aloysius Wong (2 i/c)
Mdm Ng Yin Suan Julie
Miss G Vasantha Devi Naidu
English Comes Alive (Language/Arts Club)
7.30am - 9.30am

Mrs Eswani Nicholas (i/c)
Mr Wong Chin Wei Aaron (2 i/c)
Mdm Joyce Tan
Mr Md Luqman Hakeem Mahmood Shah
Teaching Lab / Library
 Chinese Language Club
7.30am - 9.30am 
Mdm Yang Cai Hui (i/c)
Mdm Hung Mei ling (2 i/c) 
Mr Ruan Hui
Art Club
7.30am - 9.30am
Ms Faridah Bee (i/c)
Mdm Reshmi Rai (2 i/c)
Mdm Nurzarifah Bte Masnam
Mdm Nurul'Ain (Advisor)
Art Room
7.30am - 9.30am
Mr Clarence Tan (i/c)
Mdm Loke Chuen Lan (2 i/c)
Mdm Du Liang
Mrs Dorling Chan
Computer Lab 3
Chess Club
7.30am - 9.30am
Mdm Lim Hwee Hong (i/c)
Mr Kua Choon Tat (2 i/c)
Mrs Siti Osman
CCA Room


Library Club
A. Pupil librarians will perform the following tasks twice a week during their recess breaks for fifteen minutes:
1. Shelf Reading
2. Loaning and Returning of books
3. Assist pupils to locate books on the shelves

B. In addition, pupil librarians will also attend a Book Club Class
every Friday from 0730-0930. They will learn the following;
1. the Art of Storytelling
2. the Skills of Story writing
3. the Art of Book Promotion/Publicity

English Comes Alive
Do you enjoy telling stories, show and tell, spelling, hosting events, performing in skits, participating in competitions and winning prizes? If your answer to these questions are positive, this is the CCA for you! Benefits of Joining English Comes Alive:

You will:
  • speak in Internationally Acceptable English. (IAE)
  • build up your confidence in public speaking.
  • improve in your spelling and writing skills.
  • present during Value Moments or school events.
  • participate in both internal and external competitions.

Art Club
  • Learning Journeys to Art Museums
  • Art Competitions
  • Lessons from Art Vendors
  • Lessons on Craftwork
  • Sharing and discussions of Artists
  • Art Fiesta

Science Environment Club
The Science Environment Club members will be engaged in a myriad of Science and Environment activities which aims to develop self-motivated and inquisitive pupils who are also concerned citizens of the environment through science-related journeys to places like the Singapore Science Centre, Water Trail, beaches and more!

Information Technology
The ICT Club aims to promote interest among pupils on video technology, develop teamwork, co-operation and leadership together with communication skills among pupils and cultivate creativity and thinking skills in pupils through various programmes and activities. Some activities we have include animation workshops, robotics training and video production. These activities are powerful educational tools that provide opportunities for pupils to develop their critical thinking in this digital and media-rich age. Pupils can become active and critical viewers and producers of films and videos as they reflect on their roles and rights, learn to participate responsibly and challenge their creativity.

Chess/Board Games Club
Calling all P4-P6 chess and board game enthusiasts! If you are keen to learn, play and challenge your peers over a set of chess or board game, this is the right CCA for you. During weekly meetings, you will also have the opportunity to develop the capability to predict and foresee consequences and actions. Join us for a journey that stretches your intellectual potential to the maximum!

Mother Tongue Language Appreciation Club
Calling all P3-P6 Language & Literature Enthusiasts!
Are you interested to learn Malay or Chinese creatively? Lots of exciting activities are waiting for you such as:
    • Know more about your culture such as the traditional food, clothes, games and the various festivals.
    • Represent the school to participate in various Competitions and perform in school.
    • Hand on session such as kite making and Painting.
    • Young reporter programme
    • Group project
    • Learning simple Chinese/Malay language
    • Create E-Newspapers
    • Appreciate MT movie and songs
Join as for a wonderful learning journey now!
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