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Principal's Message

Greetings and wishing one and all a Happy, Healthy and Purposeful year in 2020!

A warm welcome to Seng Kang Primary School!

As the first school in the Seng Kang neighbourhood, the school has a proud history and a firm foundation built upon its achievements over the 
past 23 years. The school has established itself in the education community known for its distinctive programmes to develop 
the Confident and Effective Communicators through a whole school approach to effective communication as well as nurture 
the Positive Learners through holistic sports education with a focus on character and leadership development.

In Seng Kang Primary, we believe that Everyone Is Special, Everyone Can Learn and Everyone Can Serve. Every child who comes to us is a 
unique individual with intrinsic worth and we endeavour to know every child well and guide him to discover his strengths and nurture his interests 
and passion. We subscribe strongly to the philosophy that every child can learn and wants to succeed. We will develop in him the resilience 
and tenacity to confront challenges and find the pathways to help him learn effectively and grow purposefully. We are committed to provide 
an inclusive learning environment in which every child matters as we nurture each of them into active contributor and gracious citizen, 
with the heart to serve the school, community, nation and the world.

To enable our students to learn for life, our learners must be equipped not only with the skills to know how to learn, but also the 21st century 
and socio-emotional competencies to thrive as well as positive learning dispositions to take learning beyond. The school has conceptualised 
the SKPS Total Curriculum Framework to inform and guide the design of student learning experiences. The school adopts four key school wide pedagogical approaches enabled by technology to bring about meaningful and engaged learning. Learning experiences in the school are 
designed to be inquiry-based and experiential to nurture the curious and reflective learners through exploration and experimentation. 
Students work collaboratively as they learn to be interdependent, respectful and active contributors. They are engaged in authentic
problem solving in interdisciplinary context when they are given opportunities to see connectedness across disciplines in real world settings. 
Through these carefully curated experiences, we aim to bring out the Inventive Thinker, Confident Leader and Gracious Citizen 
in every Seng Kang Primary student.

To move in tandem with the changing demands in students’ learning needs, our teachers continually upskill to enhance their professional 
competency. They work in professional learning teams to inquire about their practices, share innovative teaching approaches and 
design learning experiences to deepen student learning. The school will also forge strategic partnerships with external organisations to extend 
the learning and broaden the horizons of our staff and students.

We appreciate the unyielding support of our School Advisory Committee, Parent Support Group Exco, all parents and stakeholders as well as 
their confidence in the school to bring out the best in our students. May the beginning of this new decade bring new opportunities, 
new hopes and new aspirations to keep us energised and purposeful in our endeavours to prepare our students to learn for life.

Yours in Education,
Mrs Teo

                                                                                             Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts
                                                                                                                                                                                                         "Winston Churchill"