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Primary 6

Assistant Year Head:
Mr Lawrence Chan

Level Letter:
Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4 
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Seated (From Left to Right):
Mdm Farida Bee Bte Abdul Rahman, Mr Mohamed Salleh Bin Md Nooh, Mr Lawrence Chan,
Mr Didy Romanee Bin Ahmad, & Mdm Leong Wee Hoon Jennifer
Standing (From Left to Right):
Mr Devindra Sapai, Mr Wong Chin Wei Aaron, Mdm Nurul'Ain Bte,
Mdm Ngian Bang Yee, Mrs Serene Tan, Mr Tan Jia Hui
& Mrs Adeline Lim


Form Teachers


6 Faith
Mrs Serene Tan
Mrs Adeline Lim teo_huay_ling_adeline@schools.gov.sg
6 Hope Mr Tan Jia Hui tan_jia_hui_a@schools.gov.sg

Mr Tan Hiang Meng Stanley Ignatius
6 Joy Mr Kalai Selven s/o Sadanadom kalai_selven_sadanadom@schools.gov.sg
Mr Didy Romanee Bin Ahmad didy_romanee_ahmad@schools.gov.sg

6 Courage

Mr Wong Chin Wei Aaron
Mdm Ngian Bang Yee ngian_bang_yee@schools.gov.sg
6 Kindness Mdm Leong Wee Hoon Jennifer leong_wee_hoon@schools.gov.sg

Mdm Farida Bee Bte Abdul Rahman farida_bee_abdul_rahman@schools.gov.sg
6 Patience Mr Mohamed Salleh Bin Md Nooh mohamed_salleh_md_nooh@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Nurul'Ain Bte Azilah nurulain_azilah@schools.gov.sg
Mr Lawrence Chan chan_sian_heng_lawrence@schools.gov.sg
6 Charity Mr Clarence Tan tan_teck_chuan@schools.gov.sg

Mr Devindra Sapai devindra_sapai_indrasapai@schools.gov.sg

Class Venue Subject Teacher Email
CL 6.1 / P6 HCL 6 Faith Mr Welly Hardono welly_hardono@schools.gov.sg
CL 6.2 6 Hope Miss Toh Pei Min toh_pei_min@schools.gov.sg
CL 6.2 CCE 6 Hope Mdm Du Liang du_liang@schools.gov.sg
CL 6.3 6 Courage Mdm Chiew Yan Seah chiew_yeah_seah@schools.gov.sg
CL 6.4 6 Kindness Mr Ng Kok Leong ng_kok_leong_a@schools.gov.sg
CL 6.4 CCE 6 Kindness Mdm Lim Hwee Hong lim_hwee_hong_a@schools.gov.sg
ML 6.1 6 Joy Mdm Norhanim Bte Hashim norhanim_hashim@schools.gov.sg
ML 6.2 6 Patience Mdm Nur Shabana nur_shabana_syed_ismail@schools.gov.sg
TL 6.1 CCA Room 2 Mdm Jayasutha jayasutha_vijaya_kumaran@schools.gov.sg
P6 FCL 6 Charity Mr Ngiew Chaw Yee ngiew_chaw_yee@schools.gov.sg
P6 FML MT Room 3 Miss Nur Effah Bte Elias nur_effah_elias@schools.gov.sg
P6 FTL SBB Room 5 Mrs Rajan admin_skps@schools.gov.sg

Class/Subject English / Foundation English Mathematics /
Foundation Mathematics
Science /
Foundation Science
6 Faith Mrs Serene Tan Mrs Serene Tan Mr Tan Jia Hui
6 Hope Mdm Tan Hui Hong Mr Tan Jia Hui Mr Tan Jia Hui
6 Joy Mr Kalai Selven Mr Ong Joo Kai Mdm Tan Meng Hui
6 Courage Mr Wong Chin Wei Aaron Mr Lawrence Chan Mrs Michelle Lim
6 Kindness Mr Wong Chin Wei Aaron Mdm Leong Wee Hoon Mr Clarence Tan
6 Co & 6 Ki Pull-Out Mrs Miranda
6 Patience Mr Mohamed Salleh Mr Vikneswaran Mr Seah Chin Liang
6 Patience Pull-Out Mr Lawrence Chan (FMA) Mr Clarence Tan
6 Charity Mr Devindra Sapai Mr Clarence Tan Mr Devindra Sapai
6 Charity Pull-Out Mr Kalai Selven Mrs Miranda