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MOE Excel Fest

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Mathematics department in Seng Kang had the opportunity to share the the MOE Excel Fest this year on the Model Drawing Card. This model drawing card came about when the teachers found that the P2 pupils experienced difficulty in comprehending the topic on model drawing pupils. Thus, model drawing cards were designed to scaffold pupils to visualise the various models they were required to learn.

Pupils tend to use one strategy for solving every problem. They were confused with the various models that could be used as they did not know how to make meaning out of the question. The model drawing cards provided progressive scaffolding. The model drawing cards create a visual for the pupils and it helps pupils to create concrete pictures from abstract story sums. It transformed words into recognisable pictures for the young minds. Frequent exposure to pictorial representations of problems sums helped pupils bridge the pictorial-abstract gap. These model-drawing cards also serve as a self-directed learning tool for students when assigned seatwork or homework. As students advance to the next level, they will be able to add to their existing set of model-drawing cards, expanding their repertoire of model-drawing methods.

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It was indeed heartening to hear the favourable comments from educators and parents alike during the MOE Excel Fest. Educators were eager to find out more of this project as they wished to implement this strategy in their respective schools. They were impressed with how the CPA approach has been implemented progressively during our Math lessons and how it has translated to better learning in our pupils. Some schools have expressed their interest in this Model Drawing Card and this has been shared with the schools.