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Approach to MTL Teaching
We believe that all students can learn and enjoy learning their MTL in school. We hope to excite them in learning MTL, so that they develop a lasting interest in the language and culture well after leaving school. When planning for appropriate MTL learning experience, we consider student’s interests, needs and abilities.

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Figure 1: Using song and music as a motivation to inspire interest in learning MTL.

Broadly, students are given opportunities to develop the six languages skills, namely, listening, speaking, reading, writing, interacting in spoken forms and interacting in written forms. A typical lesson might start with the teacher introducing some vocabulary, followed by teaching sentence-building skills, and then activities such as group work to allow interpersonal communication between students using the language, and oral presentations. In the classroom, we also engage students in learning through various ways, such as games and songs to infuse the joy of learning, and also using thinking routines and school-wide teaching strategies to enhance their competency in communication.

Developing a Vibrant MTL Learning Environment
To give a strong start to our student in learning MTL and to become lifelong MTL user, the department aims to accomplish this by creating an environment conducive to MTL usage and learning. We have put in place structured MTL programmes and activities to provide appropriate learning experiences for our students. The lively MTL learning environment will inspire our students’ interest in MTL and enable them to appreciate their culture associated with the language.