The school has always advocated a holistic approach towards the development of our pupils. As exemplified in its vision statement, ‘A Community of World-Ready Learners’ where importance is given to physical, mental and social well-being, we prepare pupils for the 21st Century by equipping them with the necessary skills. The well-being of the pupils in our school is paramount to us as this will translate into their performance of the tasks that they undertake in the future. This well-being of our pupils will embody itself through our CCA programme. To facilitate this, the CCA programme was included into the school curriculum hours on Fridays so that all pupils will have the opportunity to benefit from this.
The Primary 3 pupils undergo a tailored modular CCA programme which gives them a taste of what regular CCA is like before they indicate their choices in the CCA option form at the end of the year. One module which is included, and compulsory, is swimming. There are a total of 18 CCAs which they would be able to select from (Please refer to the CCA synopsis for a brief description of each CCA). Selection is based on talent identification by the school and pupils’ order of preference in that order.