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Primary 2 Level

Level Motto : Hand in Hand, We Learn for the Future

Year Head: 
Miss Kwan See Ling

 P2 Level Letters 

From Left to Right (Front Row):
Mdm Gee Brenda, Mdm Karen Wang & Miss Ong Shi Han
From Left to Right (Back Row):
Mdm Yeo Ay Leng, Miss Koh Zhuang Man, Miss Ashley Shimshona, 
Miss Latifah & Miss Chang Lan Li

ClassForm/Co-Form TeachersEmail
2 FaithMiss Zatty Sabrina
 Miss Toh Pei Mintoh_pei_min@moe.edu.sg
2 Hope Mdm Waheeda Bte H Ali Ibrahimwaheeda_h_ali_ibrahim@moe.edu.sg
 Miss Li Xiujing Rachaelli_xiujing_rachael@moe.edu.sg
2 JoyMiss Tan Shi Mintan_shi_min@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Faridah Binte Ab Razakfaridah_a_razak@moe.edu.sg
 2 CourageMdm Nurzarifah Binte Masnamnurzarifah_masnam@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Cheo Xin Yingcheo_xin_ying@moe.edu.sg
 2 KindnessMiss Mohana Durga d/o Rajaramr_mohana_durga@moe.edu.sg
 Miss Kwan See Lingkwan_see_ling@moe.edu.sg
 Miss Sailathasailatha_a@moe.edu.sg 
 2 PatienceMrs Lye Chee Wah Joycelye_chee_wah@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Norhanim Bte Hashimnorhanim_hashim@moe.edu.sg
 2 CharityMdm Goh Hao Yun Chrisgoh_hao_yun@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Lim Hwee Honglim_hwee_hong_a@moe.edu.sg
 2 ConfidenceMr Mohd Faizal B Osmanmohd_faizal_osman@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Yang Cai Huiyang_caihui@moe.edu.sg

ClassVenueSubject TeacherEmail 
CL 2.12 FaithMdr Welly Hardonowelly_hardono@moe.edu.sg
CL 2.22 HopeMiss Toh Pei Mintoh_pei_min@moe.edu.sg
 ML 2.1 2 Joy  Mdm Faridahfaridah_a_razak@moe.edu.sg
CL 2.3MT Room 3 Mdm Li Shi Hua
CL 2.42 Kindness Miss Kwan See Lingkwan_see_ling@moe.edu.sg
 ML 2.2 2 Patience Mdm Norhanimnorhanim_hashim@moe.edu.sg
CL 2.5 2 Charity Mdm Lim Hwee Honglim_hwee_hong_a@moe.edu.sg
 CL 2.6 2 Confidence Mdm Yang Caihuiyang_caihui@moe.edu.sg
TL 2.12 CourageMiss Sailathasailatha_a@moe.edu.sg 
P2 Bridging  MT Room 1Mdm Norsyuhadah norsyuhadah_mohd_khaidzir@moe.edu.sg