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MOE Excel Fest

Sharing at MOE ExCEL Fest

MOE ExCEL Fest is an annual event that celebrates and shares exciting and innovative practices in schools. It is also a platform for parents and members of the public to find out more about the latest developments in our education landscape.  Our school was invited to share on the use of IT in Art - a collaboration project by the ICT Department and the Aesthetics Department.  We showcased how students capitalise on the use of tablet PCs and Artrage software to produce quality artwork. At the sharing, pupils, teachers, parents and members of the public were taught the same techniques as those taught through the use of oil paintings and oil pastels, e.g. blending and scraping. Through this medium, they have the luxury of editing and correcting their paintings as they work on them. When the fear of making mistakes is eradicated, creativity flourishes.