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Programme and Activities

Pupil and Teacher Orientation – Pupils and Teachers go through a 3 Day orientation Programme to familiarise themselves with all school procedures, school programmes and expectations before the start of lessons so that all pupils are familiar with the school expectations.

Overall Safety of Pupils and Staff
Pupils and teachers are put through exercises for Fire Evacuation, IPP and other emergency procedures to ensure that pupils and staff are ready for any emergencies. Teachers and pupil leaders also perform daily duties to ensure that pupils are safe and secure.

Parent Education
The school focuses on a three prong approach on parent education. First, communication to parents on pupil progress is conducted via breakfast meetings and meet-the-parents sessions. To keep parents updated on the latest teaching methods, a series of workshops on both academic and non-academic area (with the help of MCYS) are conducted. Lastly, marketing talks for parents of P6 pupils are conducted to help them choose appropriate secondary schools.
Breakfast Meetings.jpgMeet-the-Parents.jpg
Breakfast MeetingMeet-the-Parents
 Release of Report Books.jpg Secondary schools set up booths in our school to entice our students to their schools.jpg
 Release of Report BooksSecondary schools set up booths in our school to entice our students to their schools

Character Development Programme

The school boasts a myriad of activities for its Character Development Programme. A Daily Value moment is anchored by teachers and student leaders. It is a 3 minute session where values, national education and discipline are shared. The school also has its own in-house package on Life Skills. Daily SK Club activities are conducted for pupils during recess. These are but some of the integrated approaches.

National Education/SS Celebrations
Mooncake FestivalsRacial Harmony Day
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National Day  Chinese New Year